Resources available through the integration with Goodloading API are secured, which means that each request must be authorized and include an access_token in the request header.

Receiving a test key

Goodloading API consists of two keys – test and production one. To obtain access to the test key, register your application by filling in the form. If access is granted, the key will be displayed in the ‘Integrations’ module on The user who was granted the key but who does not have a Goodloading account, will be asked to register using an e-mail address from which the integration request was sent.

Test key assignment flow


Test key limitations

Goodloading API allows for sending 100 requests per day and 300 per month.
In case of inactivity longer than 30 days, the test API Token will expire. A holder of the test key cannot modify the received project using the application unless he has purchased access to the service.

Production token

Access to the production API is granted for a year or 3 months. Differences in access are based on the number of possible requests per month and the number of free accounts to be used in the application, granted for the purpose of modifying the received projects. These accounts must be assigned to many people from the same company or partner who shared access to API. These accesses can be granted after logging in to the application and using the ‘Integrations’ module, which contains information about the number of sent requests.

   "id": "12345-abcd-123567",
   "external_shipment_id": "2020/01/abcdef123",
   "external_source": "1_system",
   "capacity": 12,
   "loading_meters": 8,
   "multistop": false,
   "requirements": {
   "is_ftl": true,
   "required_truck_bodies": [ "curtainsider" ]