Integration with Goodloading

The service of integration with Goodloading allows for obtaining calculations of free/occupied LDMs as well as arranging loads within a given cargo space (vehicle/container/pallet or others). Apart from dimensions and weight, the algorithm used for calculations can also include factors such as object names, cargo space dimensions, load stacking, number of layers for the selected group of loads, the rotation method, priority of arranging loads or space capacity. It is also possible to partially indicate whether the designed project does not exceed axle loads if the rules for spacing and payload capacity are described. All the values that can be taken into account in calculation are listed in the documentation. Integration with the application backend is possible after obtaining an activation key.

Apart from the integration with calculations, it is also possible to connect to the front-end of the application. This solution allows you to send the results of your work from the web application to an external system.



Calculation results also contain the link to the load visualization, which can be viewed on every device with a web browser and access to the Internet. The visualization has the function to animate the stacking order. Access to this function does not require logging in to the program.

Modification of the project in a web version

Depending on a chosen model, each integrated partner is given additional possibility of granting his clients free access to the Goodloading application. Owing to this, the partner’s clients can manually modify their projects received within the integration or create completely new ones. For this purpose, in the ‘Integrations’ module, the integrated partner provides e-mail addresses of the clients whom he will grant additional service. By connecting to the application front-end, you can also send the results of modifications to the web version of the project to your system. Integration with the application front-end does not require a token.

Subscription price list

Cost of accessing Goodloading API depends on the selected model. Each model has a different number of requests and users, who can be added by the partner as the ones using the web version. Working with the web version does not have any influence on the number of API queries. In order to purchase API access, you need to submit your application to receive an authorization key allowing for performing tests in your system.

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