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Air freight forwarding – how to optimize loading with Goodloading?

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Air freight forwarding, although expensive, offers unparalleled speed in delivering goods over long distances. Among the many factors influencing the efficiency of air transport, loading optimization plays a key role. In the article, we will look at the Goodloading application and its capabilities when planning the loading of air pallets and organizing transport to the airport.

Optimization of air pallet loading

Let’s consider two scenarios:

Working using traditional tools
An air freight forwarder receives an order for air transport requiring the shipment of cargo in several containers. It must take into account weight restrictions, but also the quantity and cost of air pallets. He knows that the fewer air pallets he uses, the better price he will be able to offer the customer. Therefore, it takes him a lot of time to determine the most effective loading for many different-sized loads. It determines the rate for the client, but the proposed price is too high and the client decides to cooperate with the forwarding company that submitted a more favorable offer.

Working using a load planning application
The second forwarder receives the same order. Goodloading is used to calculate the number of air pallets needed for transport. Thanks to the application, it can optimize the space on pallets, reducing the number of units needed. The result is that the freight can be accommodated on fewer pallets than initially expected, and the offer is so satisfactory that the customer decides to cooperate.

Goodloading allows you to precisely determine the dimensions of air pallets, as well as quickly add a list of loads, along with detailed indication of their stacking options. Having such information, the application can automatically arrange all loads on the available cargo space, optimally using the space, and also propose a different type of pallets that will accommodate a given freight.

Organization of air transport and delivery of freight to the airport

Let’s look at these two scenarios:

Working using traditional tools
The forwarder receives an order, this time with the organization of transport to and from the airport. He must determine not only the number of pallets needed, but also the number of trucks, which is a challenge considering the different sizes of loads. He makes further calculations, and although he finally manages to calculate the demand, the customer decides not to accept the offer because the proposed price is too high.

Working using a load planning application
The second air freight forwarder that received this order uses Goodloading. Thanks to the application’s advanced algorithms, it can plan the distribution of cargo for both air pallets and the organization of transport to the airport in a few minutes. Within a few seconds, he is able to change air pallets into trucks in Goodloading, so he knows what trailers he will need to get to the airport. The customer is satisfied with the proposed rate and accepts the forwarder’s offer.

First of all, goodloading allows you to easily change the means of transport, so planning a multi-stage transport is not a challenge. It can also take into account several loading or unloading places, taking this into account when optimizing freight distribution. Moreover, thanks to the possibility of taking into account various vehicles, from small buses to trucks, the program enables comprehensive logistics planning.

Get to know companies’ opinions about Goodloading:

As Uni-logistics Company, we have been using for several years.
We are impressed by its versatility and capabilities.
This program significantly simplifies the process of planning the loading of various loads onto different transport units, allowing us to achieve maximum efficiency in our logistics operations.

With Goodloading, we can verify in one place whether the load will fit on a given surface, how to optimize its placement, and how the axle loads will be distributed. Moreover, the program is very user-friendly and intuitive, allowing us to provide our own load and vehicle dimensions, as well as choose from ready-made templates. also enables us to share the loading project with others, effectively improving communication and collaboration with both our customers and carriers.

We strongly recommend to anyone involved in logistics and seeking to optimize loading space and transportation costs. It is a fantastic tool that will undoubtedly facilitate the work of anyone who uses it.

We are delighted with the program’s features and capabilities. It has significantly optimized our loading and unloading processes. The program is highly intuitive and easy to use, contributing to increased efficiency in our logistics operations.


We thank the Goodloading team for creating a highly useful and functional platform that simplifies and accelerates the processes required in logistics.

As a freight forwarding company specializing in general cargo transport, we use Goodloading daily as we are responsible for planning shipments and optimizing the loading of vehicles, which allows us to save time and money.

Goodloading is really helpful in our work. A big plus for its great functionality and user-friendliness.

UAB Grand Service

A very useful work tool that makes the job of forwarders easier every day. Intuitive interface and convenience in one. We are delighted with the range of tools that Goodloading offers. Undoubtedly the best program on the market.

C. Hartwig Gdynia S.A.

Efficiency and competitiveness in air freight forwarding are crucial to success. Case studies show that using a loading planning application such as Goodloading can significantly improve process efficiency. Air freight forwarding using Goodloading can offer customers more competitive prices while maintaining profitability. Thanks to the application, loading and transport planning becomes faster, precise and more effective, which translates into customer satisfaction and business growth.

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