Transportation cost calculator

5 May 2021

The biggest cost associated with running a transport business is fuel. It can account for up to 40% of a company’s total expenditure. Every logistician or transport company owner knows that the profitability of a service is influenced by many factors, some of which are overlooked on a daily basis.

Shipping cost calculator below allows you to determine the average rate per km or mile for carrying out transport orders. To calculate a transport rate, you need to complete the fields related to expenses.

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Expense price $ for 1mi remarks
monthly annually
Number of: mi    
Fuel (gross price) for 1 litr Combustion: /100 mi
Road tax    
Carrier’s insurance Amount per vehicle  
Vehicle insurance Amount per vehicle  
Amortization Price years
Salary (gross)    
Allowances / bonuses    
Mobile phones    
Consumables excluding fuel oils, fluids, filters, registration inspections, annually
TMS / other software    
Tyres a set for 250,000
Other (net)    
Empty runs (%) value calculated by the motor transport institute as journeys for repairs, travel from the base to the loading place, etc.
Price for: 1mi    
Profit (%) for 1 mi  
    PRICE WITH PROFIT $ for 1 mi