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Educational version of Goodloading for schools and universities with logistics studies

Following increasing requests for a training version of the loading simulation software, we are announcing the possibility of implementing Goodloading as a tool for the school’s computer lab.

Being aware of the extremely fast development of the transport industry and the increasing usage of modern technologies, knowledge of software for the optimisation of loading goods on pallets, containers and trailers, significantly increases the competence and value of an employee in many positions related to the transport of goods.

For the needs of schools and universities, we have prepared an educational version of the software. It allows students to become familiar with the application, which is popular in the industry, as well as learn how to perform efficient loading. In addition to operating the application, students will be able to learn how to place loads on a semi-trailer or container. They will also be able to compare manual calculations with the work in the application. 

The educational version has the functionality of the PRO version of the application, which means that it will be continuously improved with new functionalities. Students will be able to adjust loads manually, set them in order or according to the permissible total weight. In addition, the application can calculate free and occupied LDMs and the volume of the load. The finished project is visible in the 3D visualization and can be sent to another person (e.g. a teacher) via a link or a PDF file. 

The teacher is given access to the administrator’s account and is responsible for assigning access to students. The students added to the panel have access to the application for 24 hours, unless the teacher disables their access earlier.

Interested schools and universities can expect much lower prices than for the business version. Prices are set individually depending on the number of workstations. If you want to find out more, write to us at

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