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Dear users,

After 5 years from releasing we are introducing two versions of the application. When developing the software, we were listening carefully to the users’ comments and requests to improve the way of using it and implement new functionalities every month. Only in 2019 we announced over 300 innovations and fixes. Current development and technological acceleration in the industry, which we want to follow in order to meet the requirements of the market, require more and more investment in our services.

Since February 2020 will operate in freemium and PRO versions. The freemium version, being free of charge, will include all the functions of the application without the possibility of editing/adding custom dimensions of loads and cargo space. The opportunity to work with one’s own dimensions will be reserved for subscriptions within the PRO version. We wish to cooperate with you permanently, thus, as a service being developed constantly, we will make every effort to introduce the lowest possible prices. Access to the PRO version together with the price list will be announced on February 25.

Thanks to implementing these changes we will be able not only to keep the high level of the service, but also invest in its development, which we really care about.

Bogumil Paszkiewicz,
Goodloading Producer

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