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33 new functions in Goodloading – summary of the year with Goodloading PRO


Since February 2020, after 5 years of technological implementations, Goodloading has become a paid tool. Introducing payments was to help us develop further functionalities in the application. Thus, we are proud to present all the implementations from the past year.

March 2020 surprised everyone, that is why in April we decided to prioritize user-requested features, besides some strategic objectives, during the lockdown period. We would like to thank you for your trust and feedback that helped us develop Goodloading significantly. It would not be possible to prepare the below set of functionalities without comments and support of logisticians from all over the world.

PDF file

During the year the file was modified several times. We updated the document with a list of loads and graphical indication of the loading sequence. It is now possible to add company data in the document, as well as a note to the project. While generating the PDF file, you can add your own picture of the visualisation so that the document shows the project from the angle you have chosen. The person without an account in the application can download the file after receiving a link.


In 2020 we introduced a long-awaited functionality – visibility of names on loads. We also implemented options such as the possibility of saving loads on the list with added loads, disabling automatic rotation of loads by the algorithm and highlighting of loads. The last function allows for identification of a given load on the list and on a trailer with the use of highlighting. It is good to remember that this function may slow down the application a bit because of an overloaded browser and a large number of loads on the visualisation. On the load selection list it is possible to sort saved loads by name. We have enhanced the file with CSV import as well – you can now add the number of stackings and import cargo spaces. There is also a function to export the prepared project to a CSV file.

Cargo spaces

We have implemented a display of information about an overloaded axle. For containers, in the loading summary, there appeared CBM units, instead of volume.

Optimisation of working time

We have optimized communication between the application and a browser to make the program work faster, even when working with a large number of loads. Tests on Goodloading indicated a threefold acceleration in its operation. We will still undertake some optimization work in this scope.

Mobile view and sharing

We have introduced the possibility of seeing the prepared project on a mobile and playing an animation of the loading sequence. After signing in to Goodloading on a mobile device, you can manage and view saved projects.

In 2020 a long-awaited integration method (API) was developed, owing to which we can integrate with your systems as well as TMSs, WMSs or ERPs. 

In 2021 we will keep delivering new functions, including the key ones reported by users. Feel free to contact us and share your comments on our cooperation in the implementations.

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