Booking of the storage space even for several days – a new solution for warehouse logistics

2 October 2020

The pandemic has redefined the value of supply chains. Fluidity and now flexibility determine efficient logistics and business success. After all, a crisis is a time of quick reaction to market changes and the art of finding oneself in a new reality. But how to be flexible in the case of warehouse logistics?

Changing consumer habits has changed logistics trends around the world. Shippers of goods do their best to adapt to the needs of consumers and shorten delivery times for goods ordered online. Companies are more and more willing to transfer production from China to Europe. Suppliers and subcontractors from domestic markets turn out to be valuable, because they guarantee shorter lead times, smooth supply chains, and thus – greater business flexibility and the ability to react to the changing market situation.

New warehouse logistics

“The trend of moving warehouses from Western Europe to Poland is deepening.” – says Patrycja Rubik, CEO of warehousing platform. “This is how Germany and Belgium are looking for savings. However, not only Western Europe saw the potential in Poland. China and the US are also looking to have a transhipment warehouse in the center of Europe. The sudden increase in online sales also resulted in a greater demand for e-commerce warehouses. ”

Despite the high interest in warehouse space and halls for rent during the pandemic, caution is visible in entering into lease agreements. Companies no longer want to sign contracts for many years. They prefer shorter and extendable deadlines to remain flexible in the event of another crisis. They also avoid intermediaries, and many of them give up outsourcing in favor of taking over logistics-related activities. Everything to save and maintain the ability to react to the changing market situation.

Only can we talk about the flexibility of logistics and business, when the owners of goods have to sign 5-year contracts for the lease of warehouse space for their goods? They don’t have to anymore. A solution has emerged that enables secure reservations of warehouse space in Europe even for a few days or months. – a platform that allows you to rent warehouses for short terms is a warehousing platform that allows you to book a storage space in any EU country. Thanks to the lack of the need to conclude long-term contracts and easy and quick booking, the platform can be used not only by production companies or companies dealing in the distribution of goods, but also by companies which need a replacement warehouse or a place for reloading while on the road.

How does work?

The creators of the platform compare its operation to online hotel booking. Just enter the location where we are looking for warehouse space, and then add the number of pallets and their storage time. will show you a list of warehouses with rental prices and any additional services they provide. Transactions can only be concluded with insured warehouses, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of the goods. The reservation is made by paying for it.

The ease of using is that there is no need to meet, exchange e-mails or phone calls. There are no intermediaries and no need to sign complicated long-term contracts.

In addition, is developing to support additional warehouse services and the e-commerce sector as well as unmanned warehouses, halls for rent. “To help companies weakened by the effects of the pandemic, we have also introduced Corporate Accounts that allow you to make instant bookings, with deferred payment,” adds Rubik.

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