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Last mile delivery automation with ANT-Logistics

ANT-Logistics is a cloud-based TMS service for automating last mile delivery. The company has been operating since 2013 and has implemented the service for more than 700 companies. ANT-Logistics clients are carriers, distributors, online stores and manufacturers. A few months after the implementation of the service, customers save 20-30% of the logistics budget, effectively manage transport, control the business and company employees from anywhere in the world.

With ANT-Logistics, you can optimally and quickly build routes for cars. At the same time, the logistics program takes into account many parameters: working time of store and machines, payload capacity, goods weight, location of goods in different warehouses, traffic and many other important factors. These parameters cannot be manually taken into account by an experienced logistician.

High-precision mathematical algorithms and individual settings of the logistics service allow you to eliminate the human factor when planning routes. You can forget about inconsistencies and errors of manual calculations. The route planning time will be significantly reduced, because the calculation of routes for 2500 address points lasts only 18 minutes.

The wide functionality of the service allows not only planning routes, but also tracking the location of cars and seeing the actual route. This opportunity is one of the main tools to control employees and save costs.

What results do clients get after implementing a logistics program in a business?
• Reducing vehicle mileage by 20%
• Reducing transport costs by 25%
• Increase in the number of sales points served by 30%.

In the logistics automation service, users store confidential information: customer names and addresses, vehicle routes, analytical and financial data. Therefore, ANT-Logistics provides not only optimal routing, but also secure storage of personal data on secure Microsoft Azure servers. The service guarantees the confidentiality and security of your information.

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