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New version of Goodloading is coming

The new version of Goodloading will soon be released. Featuring a refreshed layout along with an even more user-friendly interface. However, the main focus is on new functionalities that will help plan loading more efficiently. The exact launch date will be announced soon.

For years, we have tried to develop the application in line with suggestions from users. Unfortunately, due to the limitations of the current algorithm, it was not possible for us to implement all the features requested by users. More than two years ago, we started working on a new algorithm together with a team of scientists. They helped us prepare dozens of algorithms, including self-learning ones, which allowed us to implement many new features.

What are the new features to come in Goodloading?

  • Multistops – several loading and unloading places.
  • Handling of sea and air containers.
  • Palletisation – possibility of distributing the goods on pallets and then loading the pallets into the cargo space.
  • Handling of oval loads (barrels and pipes).
  • Possibility of editing the vehicle by adding wheel arches and a cooling unit.
  • Enhanced axle loads.
  • Centre of gravity – of the load and the cargo space.
  • Extended handling of load stacking.
  • Possibility of stacking loads at any angle.

In short – what does this change mean for our users?

For the user of the PRO version, the only change would concern access to the new functionalities and the layout of the application. Details regarding payments, invoices and access will remain the same. Before the release, we will share a manual to help every user get acquainted with the new version.

Answers to additional questions:

Will I need to purchase the application again?
No, if the user has purchased the PRO version, then access to the new version of the application will apply for the same period as before.

Will the new version be available at the same URL?
Yes, although in the first month the user will be able to use both the current and the new version of the application.

Will I have to create a new account?
No, you will be able to log in the same way as before.

How does the current version differ from the new one?
It is primarily the number of added features, as well as the layout.

Will I lose access to all projects, saved loads and cargo spaces?
No, users who have saved projects, loads and spaces will also have access to them in the new version.

Is there any training available?
Every user will be given the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the new version of the application ahead of the release. We will inform you about the planned activities as we get closer to the launch.

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