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The best apps for truck drivers. They make life on the road easier

It’s hard to meet a professional driver today who doesn’t have modern electrical equipment. We live in a time of galloping technological progress and more and more of our activities are reduced to operating smart devices and using innovative software. Truck drivers are no exception.

The road haulage sector is undergoing a process of great change. We are implementing more and more advanced technologies that increase safety, help save money and reduce harmful emissions into the environment. Telematics systems are becoming more and more developed, the level of autonomisation of means of transport is increasing and the work of professional drivers is becoming increasingly automated.

Just three decades ago, a trucker was not only a driver, but also a professional vagabond and mechanic. He knew the technical and operational parameters of vehicles very well and used diagnostic equipment, locksmith and assembly tools. Today, the chauffeur’s profession has clearly changed and undergone a comprehensive transformation. Digital devices, transport management platforms and smartphones with apps have entered his daily work.

There are many mobile applications on the market that make drivers’ lives much easier. They bring many benefits at every stage of goods delivery and truck driving – from navigation to time management. Some are more useful, others less so, but certainly most of them make life easier on the road, while driving, at the loading or unloading point and in the car park. Let’s take a look at some of the most useful ones.

Bans For Trucks

One of the first and best apps with truck restrictions and city bans. The app also includes data on environmental bans for trucks, which is new to the market, not available in other software of this type.

The app helps – or actually does it for truckers – to plan a route avoiding all bans and restrictions on the roads. Currently, Bans For Trucks covers 40 countries across Europe, so it is extremely useful on the road when doing an international assignment that requires you to drive through several different countries or regions.

The tool is very easy to use. It intuitively links to the most important functions and provides a lot of detailed information in a simple way. The user can use two versions – a free one with basic functions and an extended one with additional useful options.

Document scanner – Clear Scan 

One of the useful tools for scanning documents and various types of receipts. Scanned materials can be immediately shared with customers, dispatchers or other drivers. It is important that the application allows to generate PDF or JPEG. Files can be transferred via mail, Dropbox, OneDrive, SkyDrive, Google Drive, Evernote and other channels.

The app works quickly, transferring copies of documents is also simple and intuitive. Interestingly, the user can print the scanned document or image or use the editing function. It weighs very little, so it could prove to be a useful solution even on older smartphones.

Doc Scanner could also be an alternative solution. The downside is that, unlike Clear Scan, it does not have the ability to save files in several different formats. Although according to user feedback – equally easy to use.

Free parking for trucks – TransParking

One of the most useful applications in the work of a professional driver – a database of available car parks for trucks. The tool allows you to plan your route taking into account car parks along the route or in a specific locality. Currently shows over 33,000 sites worldwide and is available in 16 languages.

The search engine of the application is extremely extensive – the user can filter the locations according to the level of security of the facility, the amenities, the presence of petrol stations of specific companies or even favourite restaurants.

Interestingly, the app has an extensive community of lorry drivers who add new facilities, rate the car parks and upload photos of each location to the tool. The application is currently used by 100,000 users.

ICE Medical Contact Card

An application that can save a driver’s life. Literally! Of course, this is not an app that is useful in a trucker’s job, but it is the most important one on the list.

The tool allows you to store information about the user’s health: medications taken, diseases, allergies, blood group. In the event of an accident or some unfortunate incident, rescuers or have access to the necessary health and contact data. Even if the driver is unconscious, as the app works in lockdown mode.

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