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How to plan truck loading effectively?


With a direct impact on transportation efficiency and operational costs, managing semi-trailer loading is a key component of logistics. So how do you effectively plan the loading of a truck? How can the Goodloading app help? Here are some practical tips.

Choose the right semi-trailer

When planning to load your truck efficiently, choosing the right semi-trailer is a key step. It determines how much cargo we can carry at one time, and how safely and efficiently we can load it. It may turn out that thanks to space optimization, fewer semi-trailers will be needed for a large order than we initially assumed.

Modern tools, such as the Goodloading app, make this process much easier. With it, we can easily simulate the placement of different loads on the truck, test different configurations and find the optimal arrangement. The app can recommend user-saved cargo spaces that can accommodate a given freight.

Plan load distribution

After choosing the right semi-trailer, we move on to planning load distribution. With multiple loads of different sizes, we need to plan exactly how the cargo should be distributed inside the vehicle. Not only the weight must be taken into account, but also the shape and dimensions of the goods. Heavy and regular loads should be placed on the floor. This ensures the stability of the entire load. Lightweight and fragile items should be on top to avoid damage.

Load planning apps, such as Goodloading, allow you to easily simulate the distribution of cargo inside the vehicle, taking into account different scenarios and parameters. What’s more, the app allows you to add many options for stacking loads, rotating them, indicating ways of stacking or even stacking at an angle. Loads can even be spread over several cargo spaces.


Take care of transport safety

No matter how carefully the loading is planned, it is necessary to ensure that the goods are properly secured. Use straps, chains, pallets or nets to avoid shifting cargo during transport. This not only protects the goods from damage, but also increases safety on the road. It is also necessary to take into account the permissible gross vehicle weight and axle loads. Exceeding these parameters can not only be costly if inspected, but also dangerous to transport.

Goodloading allows you to take care of safety by indicating to the user the possible exceeding of the gross vehicle weight limit. It is also possible to set axle loads for the selected semi-trailer and arrange the loads accordingly. The app displays possible overloads, and the user can move loads in the 3D visualization to compensate for exceeding the allowable axle load.

Plan truck loading taking into account the route

Optimizing the route can save time and fuel, as well as prevent unexpected problems such as height or weight restrictions on roads. A well-planned route can be the key to efficient and safe transport.

You need to consider the route as well. When planning the distribution of the cargo, it is important to consider the order in which the cargo is arranged, especially if you have several unloading points along the route. Goodloading, which distributes loads based on points along the route, provides such an option. When adding loads, you can indicate where each load is to be loaded and unloaded. This eliminates the need to reload the truck at the unloading docks.

Goodloading for load planning

Efficient truck loading planning is a key element of successful transport logistics. Correct load placement, use of maximum capacity, use of appropriate planning tools, securing goods and route optimization – all this affects not only the company’s operating costs, but also road safety. This is why addressing these issues is so important. It increases the efficiency of the entire transportation process.

With today’s technology and awareness of proper practices, load planning is becoming more accurate and efficient, resulting in better outcomes for both the company and the drivers and recipients of goods.
Goodloading is one of the most popular load planning apps in the industry. It supports transportation processes, allowing you to save time, space and money.

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