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Discover the new version of Goodloading

Goodloading - Discover the new version of Goodloading

Discover the new version of Goodloading

It will be possible to add multiple loading and unloading places, and the application will take them into account when distributing the goods.

Goodloading - Sea and air container handling

Sea and air container handling

Air containers with one or two truncated sides will appear in the application. For both air and sea containers, the centre of gravity is displayed.

Goodloading - Palletization


It will be possible to first distribute the goods on pallets and then load these pallets into the cargo space.

Goodloading - Oval load handling

Oval load handling

It will be possible to add pipes and barrels as cargo.

Goodloading - Vehicle editing enhanced

Vehicle editing enhanced

When adding a cargo space, it is possible to specify wheel arches or a cooling unit. The axle load module has also been improved.

Goodloading - Stacking


It is possible to stack goods by indicating the specific loads to be placed, the maximum weight and the percentage of support of the goods.

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Why use a load planning App?

Using Goodloading instead of traditional load planning, you can save roughly 30 minutes per project. In turn, the efficient distribution of the load on the trailer means there is extra space available. By saving time and space you generate additional savings.

How do I get started using the App?

Sign up for the App to prepare your first project. In the first step, add loads manually or from a CSV file.Next, add a cargo space or check what space the App recommends. Once added, check the load distribution on the visualisation and edit manually if necessary. The ready-made project can be forwarded to drivers or associates.

Is there training available?

Despite its many features, the App is quite intuitive so training is not necessary. All functions are described in detail in the manual: https://www.goodloading.com/en/manual/. If you have any doubts about particular features, we are happy to meet with you online to show you Goodloading.

How long does it take to prepare a loading plan in the App?

Exact timing depends on the difficulty of the project, the number of loads, cargo spaces and the need to manually adjust the project. The most basic loading plan can be prepared in a matter of minutes.

Do I need to install the App?

No, the App is only available in a web-based version. This means that all you need to use it is a computer with internet access.

Is the App suitable for optimising loads in spaces other than semi-trailers?

Yes. In addition to vehicles, sea containers, air containers and pallets are available in the App. If the App does not include a cargo space with the dimensions you are interested in, you can add it yourself.

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