Access to Goodloading API

  • Automatic calculation of free and occupied cargo space in your application

    Integration with Goodloading gives you access to immediate results of calculation of free and occupied space on a truck, container or pallet. API supports cubical objects which can be described by dimensions, the method and priority of arrangement, stacking, etc. The program allows for receiving results for many cargo spaces at the same time and describe them using your own dimensions, capacity or axle load index. The results obtained in Goodloading will help you optimize the loading process and reduce costs of the company.

  • Access to loading visualization

    Every result of calculations contains a link to the project visualization in a web browser of a computer or mobile device. The user can access a three-dimensional, animated view of loading or download a PDF file with the visualization and description. Thanks to this solution, every project designed in Goodloading can be shared with people responsible for loading.

  • Manual modification of the received project

    Within the integration, every Goodloading partner has the possibility of adding a specific number of users who will get free access to the Goodloading application. It allows for direct modification of arranging and describing loads, adding notes to the project as well as sharing a link or PDF document. The application user can also prepare the whole project from scratch.