Who are Goodloading clients?

We collaborate with companies all around the world dealing with road, sea, and air transport, freight forwarding, logistics operators, manufacturers, and stores. We also establish partnerships with ERP, TMS, and WMS software providers, as well as schools and universities.

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We develop Goodloading with our users

Through close cooperation with the market, we can create software that meets the needs of businesses. We are open to suggestions and eagerly discuss customers’ requirements, implementing new functionalities. These features help save time on calculating free and occupied loading space and reduce costs and risks.

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Key features of Goodloading:

automatic, most optimal distribution of loads in the loading space

handling cubic loads, barrels, and pipes

loading onto semi-trailers, double trailers, containers (sea and air), and pallets

handling multiple loading and unloading locations

working with projects that require the use of multiple loading spaces at once

adding wheel arches, cooling units, axle loads, or the centre of gravity in containers

arranging loads at any angle or resting on others

sending the loading project with comments using a PDF file or link

What can you gain?

Optimal planning allows you to gain additional space for added load or change the vehicle to a smaller one.

Quick access to information that helps determine whether to take a specific load or which vehicle to choose.

Efficient loading can generate additional savings.

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