Freight and logistics companies, as well as freight forwarders, will find many useful features in Goodloading. The application is tailored to the needs of carriers with permanent contracts with manufacturers, as well as those looking for loads for their fleet. Freight forwarders, in addition to checking the optimal way to distribute the load, will be able to use loading space recommendations that they can apply to specific orders. With Goodloading, both carriers and freight forwarders will save time spent on simulations and achieve real savings related to maximum loading space utilization.

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The available features in the application
are designed to streamline the loading process:

  • Quick check whether the goods will fit on the semi-trailer, as well as how to arrange them to make the most of the available space.
  • Loading in accordance with the maximum capacity and axle loads allows you to avoid a possible fine.
  • The extensive stacking functionality will allow for faster and safer load placement.
  • The program allows the user to arrange the load at an angle.
  • The multistop option allows you to arrange the goods considering several places for loading and unloading.
  • With the loading plan available as a link or PDF file, the driver or warehouse employee can execute it much faster.
  • Load summary shows how much space is left in m², m³ and LDM, so it is possible to take additional load.
  • Thanks to the option of recommending the best space, carriers with different vehicles can check which one will be able to complete the order.

What can you gain?

Optimal planning allows you to gain additional space for added load or change the vehicle to a smaller one.

Quick access to information that helps determine whether to take a specific load or which vehicle to choose.

Efficient loading can generate additional savings.

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