Goodloading is a useful tool for both manufacturing companies with their own vehicle fleet and those outsourcing transport to freight forwarders or carriers. Our simulator is used by manufacturers operating in various industries – furniture, food, automotive, construction, and many others. Each company can customize the application to specific requirements by adding their own loads and loading spaces to their database.

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The available features in the application
are designed to streamline the loading process:

  • The application is useful when goods need to be urgently sent to a customer, and finding the right truck quickly is essential. You can add all the loads to Goodloading and check what loading spaces the algorithm will suggest or choose your own vehicles from the list.
  • Additionally, to avoid “transporting air”, you can check how many goods a given loading space will fit, which allows you to load additional goods.
  • When planning the optimal arrangement of loads on several semi-trailers, it may turn out that the goods will fit in a smaller space than initially planned, resulting in additional cost savings.
  • To speed up the loading process, a ready distribution plan in the form of a link or PDF file can be sent to the warehouse or to the driver.
  • Possibility of loading the goods first on a pallet, and then stacking these pallets in the cargo spaces.
  • The ability to load goods into different types of spaces such as semi-trailers, containers or air containers.

What can you gain?

Ready-made design saves time on loading and avoids possible mistakes, which is especially useful in hectic periods such as before the holidays.

The possibility of loading on several semi-trailers, will prove especially useful for large production companies.

With effective planning of loading on several semi-trailers, it may turn out that the goods instead of 12, went into 11 trucks, which allows generating more savings.

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