The following topics can be covered during the classes with the application:

  • Types of the most popular loading spaces in road, sea, and air transport.
  • Types of pallets and palletization.
  • Stacking loads.
  • Use of information about axle loads and centre of gravity of the container.
  • Working with non-standard loads.
  • Calculation of free and occupied space in m², m³ and LDM.
  • Transport planning with several loading and unloading points.

Why is it worth implementing Goodloading for classes?

For the student:

  • enhancement of competencies related to the use of a popular industry tool;
  • learning how to effectively plan loading;
  • the ability to check how to distribute loads on a semi-trailer or container.
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For an educational institution:

  • increasing the attractiveness of classes by introducing practical tools;
  • enhancing the prestige of the course through teaching modern solutions.
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Additional materials


A set of exercises using the application.



An official offer to be presented to the teachers or directors of the institutions.



Opportunity for the Goodloading team to conduct a lecture or training for the trainers.

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Prices for schools and universities


The application is accessible through web browsers, so it does not require installation, only a computer with internet access. This allows students to prepare projects at home or on their own computers.

When purchasing a subscription, for example, for 30 workstations, the supervising teacher receives access to the administrative panel and can grant access to students by entering their email addresses into the system. Once an email address is added, the student can use the full functionality of the application. After the class is over, the teacher can deactivate access for students and activate it for the next group, for example.

Working with Goodloading is intuitive, but we encourage you to check out the training module, where we demonstrate the application’s functionality.

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