Freight forwarders involved in air transport can use Goodloading primarily to maximize the use of container or air pallet space. Due to high costs of air transport, it is crucial to minimize free space and avoid transporting air. Especially since air containers have specific structures, and optimizing the loading manually can be challenging.

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The available features in the application
are designed to streamline the loading process:

  • Ability to work with both air containers and air pallets.
  • Air transport is relatively expensive, so it is worth making full use of the available space.
  • Centre of gravity indicator for containers enables safe distribution of loads..
  • Properly arranged goods on pallets helps protect the load from damage.
  • The application displays the total weight of goods and the volume of the cargo in m3 or CBM, allowing for cost estimation.
  • In a few minutes, you can plan an optimal loading for multiple packages, which is particularly important for consolidation.

What can you gain?

Maximum use of even a small amount of space.

Ready loading plan with indications of goods that will fit into a specific space in a few minutes, without the need for tedious calculations.

More efficient use of space allows arranging goods on a smaller surface than expected, generating additional revenue.

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