Learn more about Goodloading

What is Goodloading?

Goodloading is an application that helps you plan the arrangement of loads in any cargo space

How does the application work?
“The user’s task is to add data about the loaded space to the application, which can be a vehicle, sea or air container, or a pallet. Then, loads are added by manually entering their dimensions or importing an Excel type file. The application uses several algorithms to propose the most optimal arrangement of loads.
The project with arranged loads is visible in a 3D visualization, and if needed, the user can manually adjust the arrangement of loads. A detailed guide on how to use the application can be found on our website.

What are the technical requirements of the application?
The application works in the browser, on every computer (also linux and MacOS) with Internet access. All you need to do is visit www.app.goodloading.com. The minimum screen width is 1260 px.

Is it possible to download the application on a computer to use it offline?
Currently, the application can only be used through a web browser.
What is the difference between the freemium and PRO version of Goodloading?
In the freemium version the user can work with dimensions of loads and cargo space available in the application. In the PRO version the user can add custom dimensions of vehicles, containers, pallets or loads.

Is there a mobile version of the application?
For comfortable use of the application, a minimum screen size of 13 inches is recommended. Users can log into the application on a mobile device to access their saved projects, but they cannot make any changes. When sharing a completed project, it can be previewed on smartphones without the need for a Goodloading account.

How can I start using the application?
To start using the application, you need to register with the system by providing an email, password, country, and role (freight forwarder, transport company, manufacturer, or student). After registration, a confirmation email will be sent to the provided email address. Clicking the link will allow you to log in to your account – that’s it! You can then use the application in the Freemium version without any limitations.

Do I need to register to be able to use the application?
Yes, registration is required to use the application. Previewing a completed project is possible without the need to log in.

Is there a demo version of the program?
Most features are available in the Freemium version; all you need to do is register.

What languages are available in the program?
The program is available in Polish, English, French, German, Russian, Czech, Turkish, and Spanish.

Is there an educational version of Goodloading available?
Yes. This version is dedicated to schools and universities. It offers the same functionalities as the PRO but it’s much cheaper than the business version.
We encourage interested schools to contact us. More information about the educational version can be found on the website.

How is the payment process?

Where can I purchase Goodloading PRO?
You can purchase the PRO version in the application after logging in. You can click on one of the PRO icons or go to User Account and navigate to “My subscription.”

What payment methods do you accept?
Two payment options are available:
1. Proforma invoice – a proforma invoice will be downloaded to your computer including your bank account number. Once payment is made, we will notify you of receipt of funds, issue an invoice and grant access. This option is available only for countries within the European Union.
2. Instant payment – you will be redirected to Przelewy24 website to make an instant payment. You can make an online and traditional bank transfer or pay by card. Please note! Payment by card allows automatic renewal of payment, without the need for another order and thus, without interruption of the service. This applies to all subscriptions except the 7-day trial period. If you want to unsubscribe, you must cancel at least 8 days before the end of your current subscription.

Who can buy access to Goodloading PRO?
Goodloading PRO is dedicated to entreprenurs conducting a business activity within the meaning of the legislation in the country of registration

How much is the application?
A detailed price list is available in the application after registration and on the website: <link>.

Can I use the application for free?
Yes. The basic version of the application is available for free.

Do you issue VAT invoices?
Yes, an invoice for the payment is sent to the email address after the payment is made. It is also accessible in the “My Invoices” section of the application.

How many people from my company can use Goodloading PRO?
When making a purchase independently (through the pricing in the application), you can choose a subscription for up to 10 users. Packages for a larger number of employees are priced individually.

How can I add new users to the program?
In order to add new users to the program, go to “My subscription” tab, where you will find a list to which you can add new people. It is important that the person to receive access must have an active account in the application. After being added to the list, he/she should get access to the PRO version automatically. We do not send activation links.

Do I need to sign a contract to use Goodloading?
No, during registration, the user accepts the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. In the case of payments, the invoice serves as the agreement, which confirms the transaction between Goodloading and the user.

What if Goodloading does not meet my requirements?
According to law, you can cancel your subscription within 14 days by sending a notice to info@goodloading.com.

How can I resign from paying for the application?
For payments other than by card, there is no need to cancel the application.
You can cancel your Goodloading PRO subscription in the User Profile, in the My subscription tab. This can be done at least 8 days before the end of the current subscription period.

How do you solve problems?

The application does not load, display correctly or the project does not load for a long time
1. The most common reason for issues with the application is related to the web browser. Goodloading is optimized for use in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
2. The performance of the application may be affected by having a large number of tabs open or the browser being heavily loaded with simultaneous video streaming.
3. If too many loads are added to the project, insufficient RAM may cause problems. In such cases, we recommend opening the application in incognito mode and closing the project.
4. You can disable certain features in Goodloading that may slow down the application. More information on this topic can be found here.
5. If the problem persists after following the above steps, please contact us at info@goodloading.com for further assistance.

Where can I report a problem with the application?
Issues with the application or registration can also be reported by contacting us through the form at <link> or by sending an email to info@goodloading.com.

How does the app's loading functionality work?

Is it possible to stack one load on another?
Yes. If you know that a load can be put on top of another one, select the stacking option. Different groups of loads with the option of stacking will also be stacked among themselves.
Stacking can be limited to a certain number of layers or a maximum weight of the loads to be placed on top of each other.

Can I decide in what order will the goods be arranged on the trailer?
If you want the program to consider the loading sequence, enable the “Arrange according to the order of adding” option in the algorithm settings.
The program will arrange goods according to the order of adding them to the loading list. Their order can be modified by moving particular groups of goods on the list.

Can the program import the loading list from MS Excel/csv file?
Yes, to import loads from a file, you need to go to the “Project” tab and click on the “Import from file” icon. Instructions and a sample CSV or XLSX file will appear. You can copy and paste data from a spreadsheet into the template or create a file that matches the provided template, ensuring it is saved as CSV or XLSX. Then, import the file into the program. The bulk-added loads will be immediately added to the load list and displayed in the visualization.

Can I rotate objects and change their positions by myself?
Yes, by dragging the selected loads on the visualisation with the mouse, you can change the position of a given load. I
Additionally, when right-clicking on a specific load, additional options such as stacking, rotating, shifting, or deleting the cargo will appear.

Is it possible to define other loads than cuboid ones?
Yes, in addition to cubic loads, you can also add pipes and barrels to the application.

Is it possible to change the naming of loads?
Names of particular groups of loads are added automatically – names of loads and vehicles can be freely changed by clicking the three dots located next to loads on the list of added loads.

Is there an option to add cargo names to visualisation?
Yes. To add load names on the visualization, you need to go to the load settings located on the top bar. You can select the option to display names when hovering the mouse or display them permanently. Enabling this option may slow down the application, so if you are working with a large number of loads, it is recommended to disable the display of names by default and enable it only when needed.

Can I arrange the loads diagonally?
Yes. To rotate a load diagonally, right-click on the load and choose the option Rotate along the X or Y axis. With the left mouse button pressed, you can then rotate the cargo horizontally or vertically.

How does the app's loading space functionality work?

Is the application suitable for optimisation of loads arrangement in other spaces than a semi-trailer (e.g. container, box?)
Yes. In the application, you can load trailers, sea containers, air containers, and pallets.

How does the app's sharing and printing functionality work?

Can I somehow share the view of loaded space to another person/driver?
Yes, the load preview can be shared with others, just click on the share button. This option generates a link that can be copied and sent to another person – in result, you can work together on adjusting the arrangement of freight to some internal requirements. To be able to edit the shared loading, you need to have a Goodloading account.

How to print the arranged load?
The arranged load should be downloaded as a PDF file and then printed.

Do you want to learn more about Goodloading API?

What is Goodloading API?
API is a method used for integration of the Goodloading application with another management system. It allows for the use of calculation and visualization functionalities offered in Goodloading while working with tools such as TMS, WMS or ERP.

Who is Goodloading API for?
Goodloading API is dedicated to people who use some external systems such as TMS, WMS, ERP or route planners and would like to have access to Goodloading within these systems.
API is also intended for software manufacturers who want to offer the Goodloading functionality to their clients.

What functions can I use within Goodloading API?
The service of integration with Goodloading allows for obtaining calculations of free/occupied LDMs as well as arranging loads within a given cargo space (vehicle/container/pallet or others). Apart from dimensions and weight, the algorithm used for calculations can also include factors such as object names, cargo space dimensions, load stacking, number of layers for the selected group of loads, the rotation method, priority of arranging loads or space capacity. It is also possible to partially indicate whether the designed project does not exceed axle loads if the rules for spacing and payload capacity are described. All the values that can be taken into account in calculation are listed in the documentation.

What systems can be integrated with Goodloading API?
The integration is possible with TMS, WMS, ERP and SAP systems as well as route planners.

Where can I request integration with API?
You can apply for the integration with Goodloading API via the form.

How much is Goodloading API?
Price for access to Goodloading API depends on the selected model. Each model has a different number of requests and users, who can be added by the partner as those using the web version.
Prices are determined individually.

What is an authorization key?
An authorization key is granted by the Goodloading API administrator. It allows for integration of any system with our application.

How long does it take for the key to be granted?
Every request must be verified before granting access to API. It takes up to 7 days.

Can API users access the Goodloading application available in a web browser?
Yes. Every software manufacturer that we are integrated with receives a particular number of accounts which can be assigned to their clients. Every account is also granted administrative rights to the web application. Owing to this, clients that would like to increase the number of users, who could edit projects received within API, have the possibility of buying additional accounts without paying the subscription fee.