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Business in 2020 with the example of loading optimization application


During the first weeks of Goodloading monetization we have established cooperation with customers from all over the world. From the Andy Warholl Museum in Pittsburgh, through the Bollywood film company, to most logistics operators in Europe. In April there was an expected regression. Compared to the weeks before, there was a decrease of 75%. Such results make us reflect.

What is 2020 everyone sees. In the IT world there is a basketball concept of pivot and usually has a pejorative meaning. It refers to a radical change of assumptions made earlier and usually means a loss of investments made. There are those who claim that it is an integral part of so-called agile management. Our pivot was to freeze all strategic work, but not the desire to invest. In the agile model, every 2 weeks we produced something new. Several functions were created. None of them was our idea.

Those companies that invested in themselves and Goodloading, at a time when everyone was looking nervously to the sides, were very interested in us. And we decided to use them.

We have written to each new client with a question about their needs related to our application. We were interested in problems, critical comments or functional suggestions. Over the last 3 months, 90% of the work was outsourced to us by users. Below we present their stories:

Problem: Mr. Sylwester, a manufacturer of sweets, organizes the transport of small packages, but in large quantities (several thousand): Program slows down and interferes with the work. Can you speed it up?

Solution: We used the idea found in… FPS games, i.e. those working in 3D and requiring a lot of calculations. This definitely improved the speed of the program.

Problem: Mr. Grzegorz, forwarder: Is it possible that, apart from colours, the PDF printout could be marked with pallet marks or numbers?

Solution: We have added an option to enable load name display. Not only in the PDF document, but also while working with the project visualization.

Problem: Mr. Tomasz, manufacturer: I use custom pallets that have to be loaded on the longer side. When you add them, the program reverses them to gain more space, but we don’t want that. Can you do something about it?

Solution: We have implemented a function that does not allow for automatic load rotation.

Problem: Mr. Peter, the shipper. The function of downloading a PDF with the order of the loads is very important to me, but the proposed throws do not always show what I would like to draw the attention of the magazines. I can describe it in a note, but it would be nice to show it.

Solution: We gave the possibility to take a photo of the project from any angle and add it to the PDF.

Problem: We would like to test the application before buying a subscription.

Solution: We have introduced a 7-day trial period for 2EUR so that everyone can test the application. We asked the application testers for feedback so that we could develop applications according to their needs.

In total, we have implemented 15 solutions, some of which we will use in the next problem we solve. Every week we are asked about the possibility of integration with external systems (ERP, TMS, CRM). We are working on it and the first version will be tested and made available to several software suppliers free of charge. We invite you to cooperate with us.

You could say that, despite the distance injunction, we shortened it – hugging the customers. For the time being, this model indicates a win-win situation, so we will stay with it until the end of the ride on this RollerCoaster called 2020. We put serious fireworks on the next year.

Other functions implemented in the last 3 months:

  1. Possibility of payment by bank transfer for companies from Germany, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Austria and Switzerland. Through Klarna service.
  2. Possibility of payment via pro-forma for Polish users.
  3. Displaying information about an overloaded axle.
  4. Loading order – the generated PDF shows the order in which the loads should be placed, from the beginning to the end of the loading area.
  5. Note on the PDF project – before generating the PDF file, the user can add comments or important information to the project which she/he wants to pass on to the person responsible for the loading.
  6. Possibility to add company data to the PDF file.
  7. Any change of administrative rights in the user’s account.
  8. Improve the algorithm for loading with multiple trailers at the same time.
  9. Display of free and occupied CBM in the container space.

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