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New function: loading of multiple semi-trailers

Multi-trailers module is one of the much-awaited functions that have just appeared in the application. Despite the name, the function can be used not only when planning the loading of a truck, but also a container or pallet.

How to use the loading function of multiple trailers?

Starting work in the program, indicate the loading space. If you plan to load on more than one trailer, you can change their quantity by entering the number in the appropriate field when selecting the cargo space. However, if you want to load a cargo on different trucks, all you have to do is to add another after adding one loading space. Then add all loads that will appear on the first free trailer. To reposition them, just catch the load group on the list with added loads and move it to another vehicle. We plan to implement the option of selecting a loading space when adding a load, so you can immediately indicate where the load is to be located. This option will appear within 2 weeks.

On the list with added loads are show all added trucks and cargoes. Here you can make changes to the dimensions or data for both the loading space and cargo.

The project summary is under the visualization. To go to the view of another truck, you can dial the numbers under the visualization or click the selected vehicle in the list. Under the project summary, there is a summary of one vehicle selected by the user, which is visible in the visualization.

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