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Goodloading: Loading planning in a furniture company

Load planning in a furniture company can be quite a challenge. Optimal placement of loads of different sizes, with stacking restrictions or a designated loading order and several points along the way, is a much more time-consuming task than laying out standard Europallets. Many advanced functions to meet these needs are provided by the Goodloading app, which is often used by manufacturers and companies distributing furniture and furnishings.

Goodloading is an easy-to-use, browser-based application that supports logisticians in arranging their cargo in a car or container to make the most of its space. The user selects the space he wants to load and then adds loads. The application will lay them out on the vehicle or container in seconds, taking into account the payload or making optimal use of the available space. The loading plan is visible on the 3D visualisation and the user can manually adjust the arrangement of goods.

What do planners gain by using such tools?

Planning the loading for standard cargo usually does not require the use of additional tools by the planner. Furniture loading planners have a difficult task because they have many loads, of different dimensions, which have to be spread out in the right order. This can be supported by a program that will spread the loads in such a way as to make maximum use of the area of the container or semi-trailer. The users point out that it is the transport optimisation, i.e. fitting in the entire goods on their way to the customer or warehouse, that is the key activity supported by Goodloading. What is more, compared to the traditional loading planning, using the application speeds up the whole process and helps save time. According to users, up to 120 minutes can be saved per project!

The ability to upload a load list from an Excel file, which further speeds up the work, is also a significant improvement. The function to upload a CSV file allows for easy loading management.

The project with the visualisation can be transferred to another person in the form of a PDF file or a link with a loading animation, which makes the loading faster and minimises the risk of error. What is more, the visualisation link can be viewed by anyone, even on the phone—without the need to log in or install the program.

Manufacturers that do not have their own fleet of vehicles often use the loading space recommendation indicated by the program to select a smaller vehicle for transport and make maximum use of its loading space. Choosing a smaller vehicle usually generates lower costs.

Additional features in the application that will support furniture logistics:
– center of gravity settings for both container and cargo;
– multistop function – i.e., several loading and unloading locations along the route;
– addition of cylindrical loads, pipes and cubes;
– distribution of goods over a dozen cargo spaces;
– the ability to position loads at an angle.

How much does Goodloading cost?

Annual access to the PRO version for 1 person is EUR 18 per month. When purchasing applications for more people, the unit price decreases.

We encourage you to test the full version of the application for EUR 3 for 7 days. The purchase is made in the application, after you register, but if you have any questions before making the purchase, please contact us. We would also be happy to meet with you to show your company the possibilities of Goodloading. Feel free to contact us

We look forward to further work with companies from the furniture industry!

Furniture-related companies that trusted Goodloading with their load planning include: FPI Baltic, EUROTEL Sp. z o.o., Norcospectra sp. z o.o., Hermann Bock GmbH Schweigamer, Atepaa Sp. z o.o..

Update January 2024

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