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Efficient load planning? Only with Goodloading

For many years, a pen and a paper sheet were effective tools in the planning of loading. In the era of automated logistics processes programs such as Goodloading are available, thanks to which planning becomes much easier.

Do you work in the transport, freight forwarding and logistics industry? Are you in charge of loading planning? As a manufacturer, do you order transport of your goods but have no idea what vehicle will be necessary? Are you the carrier who received an order for transport of goods with non-typical dimensions and do not know how to arrange the loads on the semi-trailer? The Goodloading app helps you make the best decisions when ordering loading or transport, no matter which group you belong to. Thanks to the different loading spaces available in the app, it will work well for road, sea, air and also for palletisation.

What is Goodloading?

Goodloading is an intuitive loading planner, available in your browser. It allows you to plan an efficient loading taking into account the necessary parameters.

It is addressed both to people for whom loading planning is everyday work, and for those who have minimum knowledge about the loading capacities of individual vehicles. The largest group using Goodloading are people who have to plan the arrangement of cargo according to specific criteria. The application also works in production companies that do not have their own vehicle, and when searching for carriers must know exactly which vehicle will best fit the cargo.

After adding the list of loads to Goodloading, the app automatically suggests the best-suited vehicle. Thanks to this, a manufacturer may choose a smaller vehicle, which means lower transport costs. It also works the other way: the carrier who is looking for some goods can check whether a given cargo will fit his vehicle, and knows whether he will be able to add loads on route. Goodloading can be used not only in a road transport, but also in sea, air, rail transport, and even when palletizing or putting smaller items into packets.

Goodloading functionalities

  • maximum utilization of the semi-trailer load capacity, which generates savings for the company;
  • automatic cargo arrangement, if needed – possibility to manually move loads using a mouse;
  • arrangement of goods performed automatically or according to the set sequence;
  • finding a loading space that is best-suited to the entered list of loads, calculation of free and occupied LDM, number of loads, weight, free square metres;
  • axle loads on trailers and centre of gravity on containers;
  • possibility to switch off wheel arches or refrigeration unit;
  • several loading and unloading points (multi-stops);
  • possibility to make the created loading plan available as a PDF file or link;
  • data importing from csv files (including from Excel).

The program has many features that allow you to easily customize it to your needs. Users can add their own loading spaces or loads, and save prepared projects. With this, its operation is intuitive, so you do not waste time learning the program and reading complicated manuals. 

The application is constantly developed, so we appreciate our users’ opinions. Feel free to request for functions, add comments and report bugs via the contact form in the application or by email at

Fast and effective loading planning? Only with Goodloading

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