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Air containers – dimensions and characteristics

Air containers are popular units used in air transport. Due to the specifics of this type of transport, they have a characteristic structure and dimensions. Below we present the dimensions of air containers along with an approximation of the construction of these units.

What does an Air container look like?

Air containers differ from those used in maritime transport, both in terms of the variety of dimensions and shapes. In aviation, containers are made to fit the aircraft used, and often have one or two sides cut to better fit into the aircraft’s hold. Unfortunately, for this reason, these containers cannot be used in intermodal transport and reloading is necessary when using a different type of cargo area.

Most often, the containers are made of aluminum, which allows for maximum lightness of the structure whilst securing the load. Some containers may have additional temperature control devices, e.g. those that are refrigerated, ventilated or hermetic.

Containers and air pallets are marked with a ULD number (Unit Load Devices), so that they can be identified.

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Air container dimensions

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