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How to prepare pallets for transport?


A key issue in the transport of pallets is their adequate preparation. The choice of an appropriate pallet, placing goods in collective packages and the properly secured pallet with a load aim to minimize the risk of damaging goods.

Transport of goods on a pallet allows for additional protection of fragile objects as well as carriage of heavy or oversized loads. The pallet can be moved easily with the use of a forklift, which shortens the time of loading and unloading significantly.

Choice of an appropriate pallet

To prepare pallets for transport, the appropriate type of them should be selected first. You need to pay attention to their dimensions which should be matched to the goods in such a way that they make maximum use of the pallet area and do not stick out of the pallet. The pallet has to be solid so that the goods loaded on it do not exceed the permissible capacity. The technical condition of the material is another important aspect – the pallet cannot be cracked or broken. If it’s wooden, nails should not stick out and the wood cannot be rotten. Such pallets should not be used to transport or store loads.

Goods should also be properly packed. Collective packages, such as boxes, cannot be filled with empty space. There is a risk that the box will be crushed, thus damaging the goods. If a cardboard box contains various types of goods, remember to distribute them evenly so that they do not move during transport. If possible, use smaller boxes or fill in the empty space with a bubble wrap, polystyrene or paper. Once the boxes contain goods, wrap them properly using a tape so that they do not open up during transport.

The next step following a pallet selection is the proper distribution of goods on the pallet. How to do it? Read this article.

How to secure pallets for transport?

To take care of transported pallets, use shrink wrapping and tapes. The foil must adhere tightly to the load to prevent the goods on the pallet from moving. Thanks to this, the pallet can endure a larger sideways tilt angle.

Tops made of wood or cardboard are another way of securing the load. They are placed on the last layer of goods before stretching. Corner boxes, a material ensuring stability of vertical stacking of goods, protect the edges from possible damage. They should be used for the whole height of the load.

Depending on the content of boxes, the pallet must be properly labelled.

A waybill should be placed in a clearly visible place, preferably attached on the side, especially if the pallets are stackable. In the case of transporting dangerous goods, the load must also be labelled.

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