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How to plan the arrangement of pallets on a truck?

How many pallets fit on a truck or container? Check how to calculate how many pallets will fit on any loading space and how to plan their arrangement.

Euro pallets are one of the most popular packing used in logistics.They are used to protect the cargo, as well as to make transportation or storage more convenient. If you want to check how many pallets will fit on your track or container, use these tables:

Loaded vehicle Number of pallets
Van 1,5T 360x180x170 6
Van 5 EP 1.5 T 420x180x170 6
Van 8 EP 1.5 T 420x220x220 8
Van 1.5 T 490x220x230 10
Van 3.5 T 590x230x230 11
Solo truck 5 T 620x245x240 14
Solo truck 8 T 820x245x240 20
Solo truck  6 T 720x245x240 18
Standard semitrailer 1360x245x270 33-34
Mega semitrailer 1360x245x300 33-34
Loaded sea container Number of pallets
Kontener 20ft 590x235x240 11
Kontener 40ft 1203x235x240 24-25


1. All the dimensions are in cm.
2. We assumed that the size of the standard euro pallet is 120×80 cm.
3. We have assumed that the pallets are not stackable. Their stacking depends on the height of the goods that have been placed on the pallet. If you know that pallets can be stacked, calculate the double height of the pallet with the goods and check the maximum height of the loaded space.
4. The given number stands for the maximum number of pallets that will fit on vehicles and containers. If the product protrudes beyond the pallet, the number of pallets indicated may not fit in the cargo space.
5. The given dimensions of sea containers are internal dimensions.

If you also want to check how to arrange pallets on a truck or container, use our load planning application. How to do it? Indicate the truck you plan to load, then add pallets – Goodloading will suggest the most optimal arrangement of the load or recommend a semi-trailer on which your load will certainly fit.

If, in addition to pallets, you want to load goods in other packaging, add the cargo you are interested in to the loading list. In Goodloading, a palletization option is also possible, meaning that goods are first stacked on a pallet, and then you indicate the vehicle on which the prepared pallet is to be loaded. If you know that the goods can stand on top of each other, you can select the stacking option. The proposed arrangement of freight on the vehicle will appear on the visualization. If any goods do not fit in the space, the application will inform you on this. If you want to make modifications to the proposed design, it is possible to manually move the loads on the visualization according to your preferences.

In the new version of the app, there is also an option for several loading and unloading locations. When adding more pallets, you can indicate where they are to be loaded, as well as where they are to be unloaded. It is possible to add up to a dozen points along the route. The app, while spreading the cargo on the trailer, will take into account the points on the route, so it will arrange them so that access for unloading is as convenient as possible.

Are you interested in optimising your loading? Contact us, we will be happy to tell you more about Goodloading.

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