4 features in Goodloading that you didn’t know about

18 July 2019

Recently, Goodloading get a new look, and by extension – part of the functionality has changed its place. To facilitate the use of the application, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the functions that you may not know about!

1. Adding loading spaces

A 10 EP Bus and others often using loading spaces have disappeared from the application. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t load this type of vehicle. In Goodloading, you can load any vehicles by entering their dimensions. Frequently used cargo spaces can be saved in the application in the My account tab.

2. Delete loads with a single button

In the application you can delete loads singly on the list with added loads or on visualization. If you want to delete all loads, you have to go the left side panel, then in Load setting select Delete. In this video we will show you where exactly you can find this feature.

3. Moving loads on the list with added loads.

Moving loads between cargo spaces is possible with a single button. You have to catch a group of loads on the list with added loads and move it freely. See how easy it is.

4. Project management

Creating, saving, loading or sharing projects is easy in Goodloading. See how to manage your projects.

Is something missing in our program? Or maybe you have some ideas for improvement? If you have any comments – write to us on info@goodloading.com.