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Changes in Goodloading – summary of improvements from Q1 2024

The implementation of the new version of Goodloading in September 2023 is not the end of work on the application. We talk to users and constantly listen to their voices to improve the operation of the application. Check out what we managed to implement in the first quarter of this year!

Among the improvements, the following functionalities deserve special attention:

Stacking a larger load on a smaller one – before the improvement, it was possible to stack a 30% larger load on a smaller one, but we increased this value to 50%. Taking into account the realities in the industry, implementing such an option was very important for many of our users.

Improved algorithm for calculating the optimal arrangement of loads – the application now includes the “arrange optimally” function, which allows you to perform calculations much faster, even with a large number of loads. After enabling this function, the algorithm will search for loads to be arranged with as much free space as possible, regardless of the order in which they were added.

New recommendation option – the improved recommendation now indicates how many cargo spaces of the same type can accommodate cargo added to the application. Thanks to this, the user can easily check how many pallets, trailers or containers of a given type are needed to complete the order.


  • improved display of names on loads;
  • improved multistop animation in shared project view;
  • improving manual handling of loads in refrigerated vehicles and wheel arches
  • easier transition to the main visualization by clicking on the small visualization when adding a load;
  • improved adding loads from a CSV file.

This is not the end of the improvements planned for this year, though! We are currently working on further fixes, which are planned for the coming months. These will include:

  • improving the way pipes and barrels are laid;
  • improving the way of working with pallets;
  • saving settings for stacking and rotating loads.

Do you have any comments about the features or operation of the application? Write to us at and we will see what we can do for you!

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