New Technologies

New features implemented in December


In December, after several months of work, we managed to implement the API. The integration service will be available for free until the end of February. More information can be found in the article.

In addition to the API, we implemented in December:

  • PDF visualization on the entire page. When downloading a PDF file, you can select to have large photos of the project appear in the file. Now it will be visible on the whole page, so that the person responsible for the loading can see exactly the arrangement of loads.
  • The possibility of downloading the PDF file by an unregistered user. This function is useful if you send a link to the project e.g. to a person working in a warehouse who would like to have access to the project in a paper form.
  • We improve the view of the right and left side of the truck on the PDF file. 

What’s more, we’ve also implemented improvements to the drag and drop functions and visualization, so they’ll work even faster than before. 

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