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New functionalities implemented in May

In May at Goodloading we implemented:

1. Names of loads on loads – this option can be activated by going to the sidebar and then to the ‘load settings’ tab.

It is possible that enabling this option will slow down the application, so if you work with a large number of loads, turn off the display of names by default, and run when you need it. We will still work on the legibility of the subtitles! 😉

2. Until now, in the application, the loads have rotated so that they can be distributed optimally over space. We have received signals from you that for some loads, they cannot be rotated because, for example, it makes loading difficult, which is why we have introduced the possibility of blocking the rotation of loads during loading. This option can be turned off when adding a load, above the stack button.

3. We have also optimized load settings to make the application work quickly, even when working with a large number of loads.

Due to the current situation, in the near future we plan to implement only functionalities reported by users. If you have an idea how we can improve our application, write to

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