Goodloading versus the largest container ship in the world

The largest container ship in the world, MSC Gülsün is on its first voyage from China to Europe. This giant is one of the first ships in the 23,000+ TEU series, owned by the shipping and logistics operator Mediterranean Shipping Company, and was built in South Korea at the Samsung Heavy Industries shipyard. We decided to compare loading capacities.

MSC Gülsün is 400 meters long and 61.5 wide. It can transport almost 225 thousand. tonnes of cargo and accommodate a record number of 23.7 thousand 20-foot containers (23,756 TEU), making it the largest container ship in the world.

Why is Goodloading losing to MSC Gülsün?

We recently received a message from our user that he is loading a container ship using Goodloading. He introduced its dimensions in place of cargo space, and containers in place of cargo. Pretty clever! But we hope that in the case of MSC Gulsun no one will do it, because we would be in a losing position. Well, maybe if we added two servers … For now, the application can load “only” 10,000 loads. We are NOT going to give up.

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