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New functionalities implemented in June

In June, our team worked on further improvements. We hope that the implemented novelties will meet your expectations:

1. Possibility to choose which cargo spaces should appear in the recommendation. How to do it? Go to your user account, to the “My Spaces” tab. Click on the icon ,,R” (Include in recommendations) and deselect the spaces – semi-trailers, containers or others that you do not want the program to recommend. By default, all of them are selected.

2. It is possible to disable the rotation of loads in the CSV file. See the instructions for adding CSV files for details.

3. Cargo names are visible in the visualisation when you share the link to the project with another person.

 4. We have improved the function of layers when stacking. When indicating the number of layers in a given group of loads, the algorithm will not stack more loads than indicated. But the user can manually stack loads from another group on top of the given loads.

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