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5 logistics programs that will make your work easier

Maps, calculator, Excel and the transport exchange – these are one of the most frequently used tools in the transport industry. Discover other programs and applications that can facilitate your work.

1. Bans For Trucks

Bans For Trucks is an app that shows temporary bans for trucks in many European countries. It will prove itself not only in the driver’s job, but also in the work of a route planner.

The app shows both permanent bans and temporary restrictions for truck traffic, as well as detailed bans for a given country. In addition, the app includes DMC tonnage prohibitions, trailer bans and ADR bans. Another functionality is ban filters, so you can customize the app to your needs.

Bans For Truck is a mobile application, however, it does not require internet access. Bans are updated daily and you can also check them on the website.

2. Goodloading

Goodloading is an application that helps you plan the arrangement of cargo in a selected cargo space. The algorithms calculate optimal arrangement of loads, at the same time showing the proposed arrangement plan on the visualization. The only thing the planner must do is enter the list of loads and choose the appropriate cargo space – it can be a bus, a semi-trailer, but also a sea and air container or a pallet.

The program summarises the created project, showing free and occupied LDM, weight and the number of loads, so you can use the load capacity of the semi-trailer to the maximum. Frequently used vehicles and other types of space, cargo dimensions as well as created projects can be saved on your account. If you want to transfer your project further, you can share it with another person – with the possibility to preview or edit it. Despite the large number of functions, the program is intuitive and easy to use.

The application works in the browser, so you need the Internet access to use it.

3. PTV Map&Guide

PTV Map&Guide is an extensive route planning system. By using this tool, you can be sure that your truck will reach its destination using the fastest, shortest and most profitable route.

The functionality of the program is very wide, in addition to the planning, you can control all transport costs and tolls on the selected route. What is more, the program offers a break-even point analysis as well as the ability to calculate staff costs and minimum wages. Thanks to PTV Map&Guide you can better manage customer data by integrating it with the route. Then you get a route with the address details of suppliers and partners that can be sent to the driver.

The application contains an ETA module (Estimated Time of Arrival – notification about the estimated time of arrival) and uses navigation, so customers and route planners have access to the information on each stage of transport, and the drivers arrive to destination in time.

4. E-myto (E-toll)

E-myto is a road tolls calculator which informatively calculates the toll collection on a selected route or distance.

To make calculations, enter the category of a vehicle, vehicle emission class, date of travel in the case of a Route or the assumed distance travelled on specific road sections in the case of Distance.

5. Fuelio

Fuelio is a simple mobile app used for keeping a log of car refuelling at petrol stations.

The main function of the app is the ability to track refuelling. The petrol station details are entered as well as the price and quantity of fuel bought. Thanks to the collected data, you can follow the visits to petrol stations and resulting costs. Application users have access to the cost calculator and the vehicle’s combustion. Moreover, the program shows at which station you paid the lowest price.The collected data helps you optimize your budget.

The development of the IT industry means that there are more and more such applications and programs on the market. If you are looking for a proper tool that will meet your requirements, it is probably already available or it is being developed at the very moment. If you know some other interesting tools that you use at work, share them on our Facebook.

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