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Optimizing the work of road freight forwarder with Goodloading


In the case of road transport, effective management of cargo and trailer space can be crucial to success – reducing working time and increasing potential earnings. This is why tools such as Goodloading are becoming an invaluable support for freight forwarders, enabling them to optimize loading and increase work efficiency.

What does the day-to-day work of a road freight forwarder look like? – case study.

Every day, a freight forwarder organises transport. Without access to tools such as Goodloading, freight forwarder has to calculate the LDM for the total order himself and estimate what vehicle will be needed. This process, in the case of many loads, takes a lot of time and is performed several hundred times a year.

In another case, once the right vehicle has been selected that can handle the order, the planner can use the free space on the trailer for loading, which again requires calculations and estimates. The next step is to determine the right rate to make all the transport profitable.

Once everything has been planned, another challenge can arise. The driver contacts the freight forwarder, informing him of loading problems – it turns out that the loads do not fit on the trailer. The freight forwarder then has to react quickly, making further calculations and sending instructions to the driver on how best to deploy the loads. In this area, the driver usually has more experience, but when there are a lot of loads and their specificity is different, simulation is necessary before a decision is made to take the order.

What might a freight forwarder’s work look like after implementing Goodloading? – case study.

If the same forwarder uses Goodloading, instead of manually calculating the LDM for each load, the forwarder simply adds the csv file to Goodloading. If these are recurring loads, he can save them to his database. The application quickly analyses the data and suggests the best solution.

With Goodloading, the forwarder can quickly determine which vehicle will best suit the loads in question, he can select it from a list or check the recommendations suggested by the app. Once a suitable vehicle has been found, the application also indicates which spaces are still available on the trailer. The forwarder easily finds a load, so that the space on the trailer is optimally utilised. What’s more, with the data on free and occupied LDMs, the forwarder can easily determine the expected rate. This allows him to make a quick decision and maximise profits.

Even before the end of the day, the forwarder can send the driver a precise loading plan with Goodloading. The driver therefore has clear instructions on how to arrange the loads on the trailer, which eliminates unnecessary stress and improves the efficiency of the entire process.

Feedback from road freight forwarders using Goodloading:

As Uni-logistics Company, we have been using for several years.
We are impressed by its versatility and capabilities.
This program significantly simplifies the process of planning the loading of various loads onto different transport units, allowing us to achieve maximum efficiency in our logistics operations.

With Goodloading, we can verify in one place whether the load will fit on a given surface, how to optimize its placement, and how the axle loads will be distributed. Moreover, the program is very user-friendly and intuitive, allowing us to provide our own load and vehicle dimensions, as well as choose from ready-made templates. also enables us to share the loading project with others, effectively improving communication and collaboration with both our customers and carriers.

We strongly recommend to anyone involved in logistics and seeking to optimize loading space and transportation costs. It is a fantastic tool that will undoubtedly facilitate the work of anyone who uses it.

We are delighted with the program’s features and capabilities. It has significantly optimized our loading and unloading processes. The program is highly intuitive and easy to use, contributing to increased efficiency in our logistics operations.


As a long-time user of Goodloading, I heartily recommend it for the daily work of logistics and freight forwarders.

With standard units, using the program is very intuitive. Basic knowledge of units is enough to efficiently plan their loading and choose the appropriate means of transport.

The program suggests changing the type of vehicle to a larger one when the selected load parameters exceed e.g. load capacity standards.

For even greater capabilities, you can opt for the professional version of the program. Then, you can manually define non-standard loads with custom dimensions, arrange them accordingly, and also adapt the means of transport.

Additionally, you have access to a library of loads, where you can save frequently used non-standard units. You can print out the drawn and described loading plan and hand it over to the warehouse.

In my daily work, I cannot imagine working without this program. I sincerely recommend it.

Polish Forwarding Company Sp. z o.o.

We thank the Goodloading team for creating a highly useful and functional platform that simplifies and accelerates the processes required in logistics.

As a freight forwarding company specializing in general cargo transport, we use Goodloading daily as we are responsible for planning shipments and optimizing the loading of vehicles, which allows us to save time and money.

Goodloading is really helpful in our work. A big plus for its great functionality and user-friendliness.

UAB Grand Service

For a freight forwarder, it is crucial to make the best use of every available centimeter of loading space. This is exactly what impressively enables. is an invaluable tool that helps us effectively plan and optimize the loading space. With its intuitive user interface and detailed visualizations, we can test various load arrangements and find the best solution for our specific needs. This not only saves time and money but also helps reduce unnecessary CO2 emissions.

We particularly appreciate the option to simulate different means of transport. The visualization of the truck’s loading space or checking how a specific load fits into a container is extremely helpful. is an indispensable tool for us, and we highly recommend it to anyone working in freight forwarding and logistics. It is an excellent example of how digitization and technology can increase efficiency in the freight forwarding industry.

FME Frachtmanagement Europa GmbH

Profit through savings

Comparing the two situations, as well as the feedback from companies using the programme, it is easy to see that working with Goodloading brings many benefits to road forwarders. With this application, forwarders save time on calculations and searching for optimal solutions, allowing them to focus on other important tasks. In addition, it eliminates the stress of possible loading errors, which translates into greater customer satisfaction and profits for the company.

In an era of increasing demands in the transport industry, tools such as Goodloading are becoming not only helpful, but even essential to the effective work of freight forwarders. Therefore, you should consider implementing them to streamline your logistics processes and achieve better results.

Interested in the Goodloading application? Write to us or register for the app and test the basic version of the simulator for free.

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