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The most awaited functionalities finally available in Goodloading

Axle loads are probably the key function that everyone is waiting for. However, there are some more new features which you will read about below. At this point we would like to thank our users who support us during the development of Goodloading with their expert knowledge of loading.

So what did we eventually manage to implement?

Axle loads

First of all, the function will be available in default vehicles, but we are already working on making it available for vehicles defined by the users themselves. It is the key functionality, extremely important to people responsible for loading semi-trailers. The function will help plan the arrangement of cargo in such a way as to avoid a penalty for axle overload.

Load many semi-trailers simultaneously

The functionality designed for loading more than one vehicle. It is useful when the user has a large number of loads which need to be divided between semi-trailers. This function will help manage the movement of goods more efficiently. Additionally, on the list, the user can move loads between the selected spaces.

Specify the number of stacks

The stacking option was available in the program before. However, it did not have any limitations and the users had to adjust the arrangement of packages manually. Thanks to the option of selecting the number of stacks, the program will plan the load better and adapt to the user’s needs.

Save added items quickly

When adding own space or load dimensions, the user can automatically save these items to the library without the necessity to go to my account panel. 

Add notes in the project

If the load requires additional comments, you can add them while saving the project, generating a link or PDF document. And what’s important, the content of these notes totally depends on our users 😉

Feel free to carry out some tests and send us your feedback!

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