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Goodloading announces the next generation of loading planning software

Imagine a task at work involving 43 trillion possible cases, but you ‘only’ need to know 120 algorithms to succeed in solving it. How many people do you know who can solve the Rubik’s cube (because that’s what we’re talking about) in less than 15 seconds?

When it comes to planning optimal execution of transport, the Rubik’s cube is harmless fun.
Different sizes, weights, shapes, stacking rules, angled stacking, stacking order, several unloading places – they all relate to the goods only. In addition, there are dimensions of the cargo space, its capacity, the laws of physics, axle loads, centres of gravity, door dimensions, components inside the vehicle such as wheel arches or refrigeration units.

Sometimes, when we are sure that the transport will be carried out in a model way, there comes the information about the possibility of picking up an extra load. Sounds like almost any working day in logistics.

How can the software available in a web browser solve this problem?

Given the needs of the industry, we invited 2 teams of scientists including a physicist, logistician, mathematician and developer to work together. They were to prepare a set of algorithms that would fulfil the craziest requirements in less than 15 seconds, and they succeeded. We will soon be ready to demonstrate Goodloading in a completely new version. The application will include several key features, which have also been requested by users of the current version of the system.

What’s more, some of these algorithms will evolve with successive projects. The brand-new interface, which is primarily designed not to disturb work, is the product of a designer specialising in 3D graphics and user-friendly solutions.

This autumn, the new Goodloading will be tested by the experts in the industry, who have helped us over the last two years with the conceptual work. We will complete the programming work early next year.

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