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Less-than-truckload transportation – how to properly select a vehicle?

Modern logistics is a search for savings. If an opportunity to save 1% is found at some stage of the supply chain service, then on a macro level it is said that we are dealing with another revolution. Meanwhile, in the daily work of a freight forwarder or carrier, there are situations in which much more can be saved. All you have to do is choose your cargo space accordingly. How then do you fit it into general cargo transport?

Rates will not go down in 2023. Given the consecutive business cost increases (fuel, tolls, insurance, payroll, etc.), it is to be expected that there will be fewer companies carrying out transportation on the market than even last year. This is linked to the road transport sector’s growing debt and pessimistic outlook for doing business.

The current optimistic rate in Europe for a curtainsider’s loaded kilometer is 2 EUR, but on transport exchanges you can realize transport for half that price as well. For services up to 3.5 tons, prices are almost two times lower. Each transport company, when setting rates, creates calculations similar to those available in our transportation cost calculator.

Less-than-truckload cargo – challenges

In less-than-truckload transportation or when deciding on added cargo, a frequent challenge is calculating the packing capacity of the chosen mode of transportation. Optimal vehicle selection can be key to assessing implementation costs. An inexperienced planner should have no trouble assessing whether general cargo or topping will fit on a bus or a curtainsider, while differences in the payload capacity of solo trucks can already significantly affect transport pricing, and here Goodloading can be a favorable tool.

Adding a number of loads to the program displays a hint whether the order can be fulfilled by a smaller vehicle. What’s more, you will also receive a recommendation to select another vehicle when the load is so large that it is not feasible for the selected vehicle to handle it.

Truck-for-load recommendations are available in the freeware version of the program by choosing the available loads from the list. All you need to do is register.


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