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Achieve savings by working with Goodloading PRO

Companies aim at generating savings by looking for tools that will help them optimize transport processes. Owing to software such as Goodloading, not only can companies save time spent on planning loading, but also generate higher profits.

The process of planning loading of various loads is much faster with an application designed for this purpose. Preparing the same project using some traditional tools can be troublesome and, above all, time-consuming and burdened with costly errors.

Quick transport process allows for generating greater savings

Our users claim that, depending on the complexity of the project, they are able to save up to 120 minutes of daily work. Even a novice employee with less experience will be able to efficiently plan the distribution of the load on a semi-trailer or container, thanks to Goodloading.

Time is gained not only while planning the arrangement of loads within cargo space, but also during the calculation of free and occupied LDMs, axle loads or permissible total weight. Such actions are necessary when the planner uses the dedicated software, which quickly calculates the data for him. Loading cargo on a semi-trailer or container may take less time if the person responsible for loading receives the project. In result, the risk of error and necessity of reloading space to accommodate all the planned loads is minimized.

Users of the app use a database of their own loads and spaces saved in their account, thanks to which they do not waste any time on filling in the data in Goodloading every time.

Optimal use of the available space translates into bigger savings

The maximum use of space allows you to reduce the number of vehicles or containers needed to complete a given order. In this way, the cost of the application can pay for itself after just one transport, for which fewer funds were used than was initially assumed.

Traditional methods of load planning are often inefficient, especially when dealing with multiple loads of different sizes, where it is virtually impossible to find the most efficient arrangement manually. Thanks to the use of Goodloading, it is possible to automatically suggest the best arrangement, even in the case of complex loads. In addition, if the load fits in a smaller vehicle or container, the application will recommend choosing a different loading space from the user’s database, which allows you to further reduce costs.

Generating bigger savings

Generating bigger savings is a key goal of any effective business. Even with optimal loading planning, it is possible to generate larger profits and reduce costs.

One of the important elements is the possibility of taking a load which generates additional profits. In turn, the choice of a smaller cargo space, capable of fulfilling the order, reduces transport costs. The quick process of loading a semi-trailer or container is of key importance, as it minimizes the risk of delays and related costs. In addition, taking into account the axle loads and Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) reduces the risk of receiving a fine for overloading the semi-trailer and the costs associated with having to reload it.

Reducing the time needed for a load planning task allows you to maximize the potential of your team, contributing to savings in time and operational costs. All these factors are of great importance for generating greater savings and efficient resource management.

If you want to see if Goodloading helps you increase savings, sign up in the application and buy a 7-day trial for 3$. If you are still hesitating, check our offer or contact us ( We will be glad to tell you more about Goodloading.

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