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Educational version of Goodloading for logistics schools and universities

Goodloading is a loading planning application for any cargo space, which allows the planner to quickly view and manage a transport order. The algorithm assists the user in distributing loads on the semi-trailer in such a way as to maximise the use of its space. 

Being aware of the extremely fast development of the transport industry and the increasing usage of modern technologies, knowledge of software for the optimisation of loading goods on pallets, containers and trailers, significantly increases the competences and value of an employee in many positions related to the transport of goods.

How can Goodloading be used in the classroom?

The educational version includes functionalities of the PRO version of the application, which means that it is constantly being improved with new features. Students will be able to adjust loads manually, arrange them in order or according to the total weight allowed. In addition, the application can calculate free and occupied LDMs as well as the loading volume. The finished project is visible on a 3D visualisation and can be sent to another person (e.g. the teacher) via a link or a PDF file. 

The teacher can use the application to give students exercises such as:

  • preparing a loading project in the traditional way by doing the calculations on their own, and then preparing the project according to the same data using the application and comparing the results.
  • checking whether the specified loads will fit into the cargo space.

– calculating which vehicles or containers should be used to carry all loads from a transport order.

For the purpose of the lessons, we have prepared sample sets of exercises which we can send to interested teachers. 


For the student:

  • improving competences related to the knowledge of how to use a popular tool in the industry;
  • learning how to plan loading effectively;
  • ability to check how to arrange loads on a semi-trailer or container.

For the educational institution:

  • increasing the attractiveness of classes by introducing practical tools;
  • improving the reputation of the course through teaching modern solutions.

How much does it cost?

Goodloading is available in demo and PRO versions. The demo version is completely free, but has far fewer features than the PRO one.  It can be used without any restrictions, you just need to register.

PRO version:

Access for the teacher is free of charge and the price list for the workstations is set individually. For interested schools and universities the prices are much lower than in the case of  the business version. 


The application is available for browsers, thus no installation is required, only a computer with Internet access. This allows students to prepare projects at home or on their computers. 

By purchasing the subscription for e.g. 30 workstations, the teacher in charge is given access to the administration panel and can grant access to students by entering their e-mail addresses into the system. Once the address has been added, the student can enjoy the full functionality of the application. When the class is over, the teacher can disable student access and enable it for the next class. 

Working with Goodloading is intuitive, but we encourage you to check the manual, which outlines all the various functions.

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