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New beta version of Goodloading released April 1

After more than two years of work on the new algorithm, we are finally releasing Goodloading in a refreshed form. Due to the still ongoing development work and need for user feedback, we are publishing a beta version. It can be tested by anyone who has an account with the app and uses the freemium or PRO version.

The current version of the app that users have used so far will still be available. It will be deactivated when we become confident that the new Goodloading will meet the requirements and needs of users.

As before, we are open to any comments or suggestions, so feel free to send us your feedback at

How to begin using the beta version of the app?

To use the new version of the application, please log in via the form at the link: To log in, use the same e-mail and password that you use to log in to the current version. Once you have logged in, you can use the beta version with the same subscription as before.

Previously saved loads, cargo spaces or projects are not available in the beta version. After taking into account user comments, the saved data will be able to be transferred to the new tool.

What features will you find in the new beta version of Goodloading?

In addition to the refreshed look, you can test features such as:

  • Multistops – several loading and unloading places.
  • Handling of sea and air containers.
  • Palletisation – possibility of distributing the goods on pallets and then loading the pallets into the cargo space.
  • Handling of oval loads (barrels and pipes).
  • Possibility of editing the vehicle by adding wheel arches and a cooling unit.
  • Centre of gravity – of the load and the cargo space.
  • Extended handling of load stacking.
  • Possibility of stacking loads at any angle.

You’ll see most of these features and how they work, along with commentary, in the webinar recording.

When will we implement a proper version of the new Goodloading app?

Ever since we launched Goodloading, we have focused on our customers’ expectations and comfort. As before, we want the new Goodloading to give similar value. Each week we will publish functional changes resulting from user comments. At the same time, we will also be adding new features that we have not mentioned so far.

As soon as we are sure that the new app works properly and all necessary functions are available in it, then we will be able to switch all users to the new version of Goodloading.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance for us to have the opinion of those for whom this tool was created. Due to the continuous work, we ask that all comments and observations be sent to us by e-mail

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